Our leading service is broadly understood forwarding of all types of cargo, which are: containers, conventional general cargo and oversize cargo. In addition, we offer our clients a number of additional services supporting the organization of transport:

customs clearance of goods - in road, sea and air transport;
customs declarations - in import and export;
submitting customs securities on behalf of the client - in import procedures, in the movement of goods under the excise duty suspension procedure and in transit;
issuing certificates of origin, T2L, EUR1;
registration of entities in the PUESC system;
assistance in obtaining the EORI.

What do we do?

Our offer also includes warehousing services, training services in the field of securing cargo for transport and the sale of dunnage materials.
We work in such a way that our clients can take care of their priorities, leaving all matters related to the transport of their cargo in our hands. Importantly, we also provide professional advice in the field of packaging, fastening, securing and the method of transport.